Route Partnership Program

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Build valuable relationships

Adding marketing automation consultancy to your business will help you add value to your service by providing your clients with a solution that will deliver great results to them. Happy customers stick around.

Increase your revenue

We encourage you to not only offer Route, but a marketing automation consultancy.
Adding a new service to your mix will create new revenue opportunities.

Be part of a community

We will share with you our expertise in marketing automation and digital marketing. Have special access to case studies, industry insights, webinars and content in general. We’ll also support your sales team to create the best pitches to your clients.

Some agencies

Uprise offers digital marketing solutions to create lifelong customers online.
Elephant is an online agency that helps its customers optimize their websites, ecommerce, and online marketing efforts.
Incena is a digital marketing agency that plans, creates, and manages online marketing campaigns for its customers.
Onflag is an inbound marketing agency that helps its clients with their inbound marketing efforts to boost sales.
Quantic media is a digital marketing agency that offers solutions for Adwords, White Hat SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Web Design.

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Partnership advantages

  • 20% revenue share based on the plan (or plans) you buy;
  • 10K contacts free plan (For 6 months or as long as your agency has active clients using Route);
  • Referral program for customers in your region (when someone doesn't have an in-house team to implement we refer our partners);
  • Close relationship for help and support.


  • Schedule a Skype demo with us to show your services and portfolio;
  • Have at least one customer ready to use Route.