If you really know your leads and their behavior, you can create automated campaigns with personalized messages.

Did you know that personalized email messages convert 6x more than just regular* emails?
Route helps you identify and engage with your audience.

* Reference:

Discover who your contacts are

Route helps you identify your contacts by mapping all the forms on your website and connecting with hundreds of tools that focus on capturing leads, such as landing page and form builders, CRMs and much more.

Discover what your contacts do

Know all about your audience behavior, such as the links they click and the pages they visit. Furthermore, also find out where did your audience come from i.e. their source (forms, UTM, integrations, etc.).

Discover what works for your audience

Choose from among regular HTML emails, plain-text emails and SMSes to send the best message for the right customer, personalizing each message with information on their actions & behavior to convert more.

Some features